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Penza doctors recommend vaccination for new type of influenza

16:46 | 18.09.2012 | Society


Penza, 18 September 2012. PenzaNews. Experts of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Penza region warned of the possibility of the new influenza virus coming into the region, which has spread in the United States and other countries.

Penza doctors recommend vaccination for new type of influenza

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“Influenza A(H3N2)v, a mutant of the pandemic virus H1N1of 2009, is affecting mostly pigs, which can then infect a person,” clarified the press service of the regional Health Ministry.

The cases of human A(H3N2)v infection, which contains M gene of influenza H1N1, were first identified in 2011. However, a significant increase was registered in July 2012.

“This virus has been circulating among pigs in the United States since 2011. Then it was detected in infected animals in many countries. Most cases of H3N2v infection were among children, although some adults who had recent direct or indirect contact with sick pigs suffered of it as well,” informed the press service.

To date, nearly all cases of H3N2v infection in the world are epidemiologically linked with agricultural fairs. Limited, unstable H3N2v transmission from person to person was registered in 2011. Some patients were hospitalized, including previously healthy people and those with chronic underlying diseases.

“This type of virus is not registered in the Penza region. However, in the view of the population mobility, there is a possibility of importing the virus into the region. Therefore, the use of the existing methods of prevention, including vaccination is recommended,” the press service emphasized.

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