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First operation to implant new heart valve created in Penza held in Moscow

14:50 | 26.11.2012 | Society


Penza, 26 November 2012. PenzaNews. The first operation to implant the latest full-supply mechanical heart valve with no analogues in the world, developed by the scientists at Penza scientific and production enterprise “MedIng” together with Russia’s leading specialists in the field of cardiac surgery, was successfully carried out by the director of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Bakulev, academician Leo Bokeria in Moscow.

First operation to implant new heart valve created in Penza held in Moscow

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“The innovative invention has a brand new design — the valves are placed not in the middle of the blood stream, but are pressed to the edges, completely opening the valve inner hole,” commented the head of engineering and design department of “MedIng” Alexander Evdokimov.

He stressed that the new prosthesis is able to create a steady central flow of blood like the natural — biological — heart valve, which reduces the risk of thrombosis and embolism.

“New prosthesis will be implanted to one hundred people, who then will be monitored for a year. If implantation deemed successful, and clinical studies show positive results, “MedIng” will start mass production full-supply valve,” commented the agency interlocutor.

Alexander Evdokimov pointed that to date, in Russia around ten thousand implants of mechanical heart valves are wanted per year.

“If all the tests are successful, ”MedIng” expects to receive European certification to implement new prosthesis abroad,” he said, adding that so far 25 countries are already purchasing “Cardiomed” mechanical valves by the Russian trademark “MedIng – 2.”

“If everything goes well, by 2020, the enterprise will produce around 15 thousand mechanical heart valves, the third part of which will be shipped for sale abroad,” Alexander Evdokimov concluded.

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