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Installation of mosque small dome began in Penza

17:27 | 27.11.2012 | Society


Penza, 27 November 2012. PenzaNews. According to the chairman of the Fund for the spiritual heritage of the Tatar “Siyanie” (Shine) Zhigansha Tuktarov, the installation of a small dome of the mosque, built in Podeda Av in Penza, began at the end of November.

“Since this construction is much smaller than the main dome, it was decided to install it, winterize and cover with gold on the ground, and then lift it onto the mosque with a crane,” he said.

Zhigansha Tuktarov noted that currently winterizing of the main dome, which has already been raised, is carried out.

“It is planned that by the end of 2012 both domes will be covered with gold,” the agency interlocutor commented.

Zhigansha Tuktarov added that due to lack of funds the construction projects of minarets were reviewed.

“According to the new idea, they will be made of a metal construction, and from the outside covered with fibro-glass-reinforced concrete,” he said.

Zhigansha Tuktarov reported that to date the patrons collected 16,922,670 rubles out of the required 150 million rubles for construction of mosque, the donations keep arriving.

“Recently we have launched a new service for donation fund transfer. Now, anyone willing to help can send a text-message with the word “mosque” and the amount of donation to the short number 7522,” the agency interlocutor concluded.

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