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“PenzaNews” website experienced DDoS attack

16:43 | 13.10.2014 | Society


Penza, 13 October 2014. PenzaNews. PenzaNews website has experienced a DDoS attack. As the technical experts of the company reported, the attack began at 12.50 on Monday, October 13, after which the website became inaccessible. At the same time, the Internet service “Penza-Sport,” an media project of PenzaNews agency, was also unavailable due to the attack.

“PenzaNews” website experienced DDoS attack

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Currently the hackers’ actions were neutralized.

Both online resources successfully became accessible by 17.42.

“Currently, the technicians are still verifying the situation, and the security measures are strengthened. It is yet hard to say who exactly organized the attack, but, as they explained, the queries were successfully traced. Maybe someone did not like the information posted here, and these people decided to resort to a DDoS attack. This is primitive, of course. Such methods of ‘fighting’ an Internet resource that conducts its own information policy will have only a short-term effect and but increases the public interest towards it,” stated Ivan Malikov, head of PenzaNews agency.

He added that the news agency has resumed its normal operations.

A DDoS attack is carried out through a multitude of infected computers that are sending requests to a specific Internet address, which makes it overload and sometimes become unavailable.

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