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APF forum “Quality education for the Country” began in Penza

10:50 | 14.10.2014 | Society


Penza, 14 October 2014. PenzaNews. The two-day forum “Quality education for the Country,” organized by the All-Russia People’s Front (APF) under the orders of the Russian president Vladimir Putin began on Tuesday, October 14, in the regional Lermontov library in Penza.

APF forum “Quality education for the Country” began in Penza

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The event began with the round table discussions “Debureaucratizing the education: credit of trust or total control?”, “Salary issue in education: problems and possibilities,” “Family and school in character-building: trust, partnership, law,” “Education in an open information atmosphere: challenges, risks and perspectives,” “Accessible education for special needs children,” and the others.

The second day of the forum will provide for five discussion platforms: “A teacher’s mission and status: a modern teacher and the challenges of the society,” “National education values: nurturing and shaping the Russian identity,” “Accessible education for all,” “Quality of education in Russia: degradation or development?” and “The new agenda for economic development: requirements to education.”

The general results of the forum will be voiced during the plenary meeting that will take place at 16.30 on Wednesday, October 15.

More than 500 participants — APF activists, teachers, parents, experts, ministers and social workers, Russian Duma deputees, senators and Civic Chamber of Russia members — are expected to take part in the forum.

According to the agenda of the event, the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will take part in the forum.

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