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Teachers complained on overwhelming work loads to Vladimir Putin at APF Penza forum

19:35 | 15.10.2014 | Society


Penza, 15 October 2014. PenzaNews. Tatyana Shevtsova, director of lyceum No. 22 in Orel city, directed the attention of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the overwhelming work load of a regular teacher.

Teachers complained on overwhelming work loads to Vladimir Putin at APF Penza forum

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“The teachers must be happy from enjoying their work when they meet the kids. A teacher must be satisfied with what he does, and only then will the society say we have good education system. During the round table discussion on the forum no teacher said the country owes us something. Money are not the cornerstone of our work, but every man needs it,” Tatyana Shevtsova told the head of the state during the plenary meeting of the ongoing All-Russia People’s Front (APF) forum “Quality education for the Country” in Penza.

The lyceum director informed the audience that an education worker’s average salary in Russia is 22,000 rubles: however, in order to earn it, a top-qualification teacher must take a 150% work load – 30 academic hours, along with the time to check the homework and a need to earn the extra payment from the incentive fund.

“Moreover, a teacher must also speak to each student, learn what he thinks, what happens in his family, and this is a character-building moment. And the teacher must be constantly self-educating. There is a joke about it, and all the education workers know it: ‘Why does the teacher choose a 150% work load? Because there’s no money to eat with the normal load, and no time to eat with the double load’,” said the speaker.

Tatyana Shevtsova asked the president to give teachers more freedom and more spare time to improve the quality of education.

On behalf of her colleagues, she suggested to calculate a teacher’s salary based on the economy of the region where he teaches.

“This change can be made in several stages. Our salaries grew by 30% since 2009. If it grew the same way again in the nearest few years, it would let us work to the highest standard,” the lyceum director explained.

In his reply to Tatyana Shevtsova’s issue-raising speech, Vladimir Putin noted that the average load of a teacher before the salary raise was 150%, which means that the average work load of education workers and the growth levels of their profits still differ.

“We would like to increase the salaries by 30% in a single installment. This is not an easy task, but we will work to complete it,” said the head of the state.

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