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“PenzaNews” website experienced second DDoS attack this week

16:59 | 16.10.2014 | Society


Penza, 16 October 2014. PenzaNews. The first DDoS attack against the PenzaNews agency website was successfully brought down on October 13. The new, currently ongoing attack is much more massive.

“PenzaNews” website experienced second DDoS attack this week

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According to the technical experts of the company, the website experienced over 630,000 webpage requests in the last few hours. The attack was organized from numerous infected computers in several different countries.

The events this Thursday, October 16, went by almost the same plan as the October 13 cyberattack, which was the first real attempt to disrupt the work of the news agency.

The attack plan was similar up to the hour: the website systems went offline at 12.50 during the first attack, and at approximately 13.00 during the second attack. In both cases the attacks began in the morning and increased the load amount over time.

At the same time, Ivan Malikov, head of PenzaNews agency, noted that the attackers were “having trouble,” because they failed to overcome the newly-installed DDoS protection system on Monday evening and had to change their tactics, successfully conducting an attack only two days later – on Thursday.

“I am not going to reveal the technical details so as not to attract other script kiddies such as these. The Monday and Thursday events are targeted attempts to disrupt the lawful activities of the journalists. I’d like to offer the orchestrators of the attacks a piece of advice: stop wasting your money, and if you want to continue, find different whiz kids. These ones screwed up,” he said.

At the same time, Ivan Malikov stressed that despite the technical difficulties, PenzaNews agency provided its readers with authentic, prompt and full reports about the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, along with the high-ranking ministers and officials, to Penza in order to take part in the APF forum “Quality education for the Country” on Wednesday, October 15.

A DDoS attack is carried out through a multitude of infected computers that are sending requests to a specific Internet address, which makes it overload and sometimes become unavailable.

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