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Over 40 Penza citizens visited mayor’s office for public hearings, learned they had been postponed

14:55 | 10.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 10 November 2014. PenzaNews. Over 40 citizens of Penza city arrived to the city hall to take part in the public hearings on the issue of changes to the general plan of the city on Monday, November 10, only to learn they had been postponed until December 8.

Over 40 Penza citizens visited mayor’s office for public hearings, learned they had been postponed

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The people who gathered in the lobby of the administrative building were met by Lyudmila Ioffe, head of urban planning and design office for the Architecture and Urban Planning department of the city hall, who informed them of the fact.

The visitors were agitated by the news, who, according to their words, were not informed of the decision.

In her turn, Lyudmila Ioffe explained that this information was published in the issue No. 55 of “Municipal news. Penza” newspaper on November 7, as well as on the website of the administration.

However, according to the citizens present in the lobby, there was no information about this on the administration website on Monday, November 10.

“And the circulation of that newspaper is 1,000 units. Nobody even knows where to find it,” remarked Vladimir Gonyakin, chairman of the street committee of Degtyarny Zavod neighborhood.

He added he still intends to be present at the hearings along with other citizens to insist on changing the status of land zone by the juvenila railway, Krimskaya, Bunina, Tenistaya and Zhivopisnaya streets.

“Some people changed our zone from ‘Zh-1’ to ‘Zh-2’ in 2012 without our involvement. They ignored asking for opinion of the people who live there. And today we would have taken part in this discussion and told them the plan needs improvement. There are many of us here, and we are serious,” Vladimir Gonyakin stressed.

Svetlana Bochkareva, a woman who lives on Tambovskaya street, also came to the hearings to change the status of the neighborhood land zone.

“There are private houses, there are small houses standing. We have been living there for all our lives, and some people own the land since 1950s, some bought in 2008. Now they want to bulldoze us and build a wide 4-lane rode from Tambovskaya Zastave to the regional hospital. People have been building houses for all their lives, all have homes, gardens, and they want to bulldoze us. Two thousand people are living there, and the administration is doing this behind the curtain,” she said.

In her turn, Lyudmila Ioffe advised all the applicants to submit written requests to the Architecture and Urban Planning department of the Penza administration if they want their issues to be reviewed on December 8.

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