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Transport problems affected Crimea popularity among Penza tourists

17:42 | 10.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 10 November 2014. PenzaNews. Transport problems had negative impact on the popularity of the Crimea resorts among the Penza region tourists, said Marina Mashtakova, director of “Global Travel” agency in an interview with “PenzaNews.”

Transport problems affected Crimea popularity among Penza tourists

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“Many tourists, who chose air service, faced the problem of how to get to the Crimea. We had a few tickets provided by Penza Airport, and flying with a transfer through Moscow is very expensive, so many people refused,” she said, commenting on the results of the summer season.

The reduction of the Crimea popularity was also reported by Nadezhda Shishkova, director of “Aqua Voyage” travel agency.

According to her, the travelers are facing a problem of crossing the Kerch Strait by ferry.

“The weather conditions often cause huge lines, and people miss their trains. Less Russian people travel to the Crimea ever since it became a part of Russia, because there used to be a direct train, and now they have to get there zigzagging,” the agency interlocutor explained.

As Alexander Minchuk, director of “Profi-tur” travel agency noted, the Crimea trips had varying popularity during the spring-summer season.

“Given the fact that at one time the Crimea was a good health resort, many people went there for old times’ sake. But after people faced the need to cross the Kerch Strait and the fact the service level is lower than in Turkey or Egypt, in my opinion, there was a slight out-flux. Approximately 30% of those who visited the Crimea said that as long as there is no proper infrastructure and road, they do not intend to go there,” he stressed.

However, some Penza travel agencies registered increased interest in the Crimea.

Thus, according to Anna Beskibalova, director of “Albatros” travel agency, during the summer holiday season 2014, there was an increased demand for Crimean towns in comparison to the previous year.

Speaking about the tourists taking vacation within Russia, as an example, she spoke about military people, who are banned from travelling abroad due to their occupation.

“Many of those who used to go, for instance, to Turkey with their families now travel within Russia. Plus, after the Crimea became a part of Russia, it grew attractive. This significantly affected its popularity among the tourists,” the agency interlocutor summed up.

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