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Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev held meeting with citizens

13:02 | 17.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 17 November 2014. PenzaNews. The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev held a private meeting with the citizens in the receiving office of Dmitry Medvedev, the chairman of United Russia, on Monday, November 17. Ten people arrived to the meeting. Several citizens asked Victor Kuvaytsev for help in their housing issues. One of them, Vasily Shakhov, expressed his disagreement about his new house where he was to move from his dilapidated building.

Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev held meeting with citizens

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The citizen explained he was allocated a flat of 34 sq. meters; however, he is residing together with his son, an artist, and his paintings are taking up a lot of space.

“There’s havoc in his room, and I don’t know how we’ll coexist there if we get a single-room flat,” he said.

Victor Kuvaytsev explained that people moving from dilapidated buildings will receive bonus 15 sq. meters according to the decision of the Penza City Duma.

“But this is for the 2013 program. We have heard your request. I will give the orders to the housing authorities and our housing department, and we will give you the choice. Will be seeking for an opportunity to provide two separate rooms,” added the head of the city.

Requests for help with housing also came from Natalya Melnikova and other citizens whose houses were lost in a fire.

“We had a fire in the apartment building, and were promised new flats. The governor Vasily Bochkarev ordered Yuri Krivov to meet the builders, entice them with our land and help provide housing. The land is not ours, but owned by the city: we require your help,” she explained.

Victor Kuvaytsev promised to review the request in detail as soon as possible.

“Let’s take some time, say, eight days, and then meet with you once more,” he said.

The head of the city added that he is going to solve the issue faster, so that citizens left without a roof would not have to wait for the next time period.

During the event, Inna Kondakova, chairman of “Medic” housing cooperative, also voiced her disagreement with municipal authorities. According to her, the first floor of the house managed by the cooperative is occupied by a library that does not pay repair and upkeep costs.

The head of the city scheduled a visit to the house in order to solve the issues.

“We’ll take the estate manager, and our colleagues the deputies will come, too. You will explain them everything: if the municipality violates your rights, we’ll take action,” he stressed.

Moreover, Victor Kuvaytsev also answered questions on obtaining free-of-charge space to a civil organization, providing financial assistance, and employment. 

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