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New Academia Legis school year started in Penza

09:54 | 17.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 17 November 2014. PenzaNews. The educational project Academia Legis once again opened its doors in Penza.

New Academia Legis school year started in Penza

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In 2014, Academia will work in three educational organizations: the lyceum No. 2, the gymnasium No. 44, and, for the first time, in multidisciplinary gymnasium No. 13.

Welcoming the visitors of this year’s Academia Legis opening ceremony, Alexei Shiskin, the chairman of the Penza regional court, said the knowledge the school students receive this year will help them determine their future professions.

“Perhaps we’ll meet as lawyers, but even if you do not become lawyers, this knowledge will help you in everyday lives,” he said.

In her turn, Marina Danevskaya, head of the regional Administration of Justice Department, noted that Academia Legis always attracts genuine interest from the participants.

“It makes me happy to see your inspired eyes, your interest,” she added.

According to Marina Danevskaya, this year’s lecture list has been expanded, and the lessons will be held as seminars, roleplaying sessions and training exercises.

“You will learn about law, justice, and judiciary system, will hear about your rights and obligations. And, most importantly, we will set you on the right tracks for choosing your future field of work,” she explained.

The head of the Penza region Administration of Justice Department also thanked school administrations for cooperation in the project, and expressed her gratitude towards the student lecturers for bringing the organizational work of the law school up to the highest level.

Gleb Sintsov, Doctor of Law Science, professor, member of the Civic Chamber of the Penza region, chairman of the regional department of the Russian Lawyers Association, informed the audience that Academia Legis project is coordinated all over the state.

“Each region implements it in a different way. Ours is one of a kind, with dozens of topics on the schedule. Dozens of lecturers will be teaching you for almost an entire school term. You will get get theoretical knowledge from the guys who were school students like you only 2-3 years ago, and we also are seeking to engage the practicing lawyers from the Penza regional court, the regional Administration of Justice Department, and the law enforcement services, to help you see the law knowledge used in practice,” he clarified.

Academia Legis educational project is organized by the Penza regional court, the regional Administration of Justice Department, the regional branch of the Russian Lawyers Association, and the Law Science faculty of the Penza State University. It opened its doors in the Penza region in 2012.

The PSU lecturers provide education using “equals to equals” teaching method. The adaptive curriculum is designed to allow rookie lawyers to explain the material using easy language.

The project aims to increase Russian Law awareness of Penza school students, fight law ignorance, and teach them how to be better citizens of their state. 

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