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Penza region lacks 1,430 medical specialists

18:19 | 27.11.2014 | Society


Penza, 27 November 2014. PenzaNews. According to Dmitry Zinoviev, acting minister of health of the region, as of November 2014, the Penza region lacks 1,430 medical specialists, which was announced during a visiting session of the regional government in Burdenko hospital on Thursday, November 27.

Dmitry Zinoviev, acting minister of health of the Penza region

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According to him, clinics are in need of 1,044 people.

“Among them, we need no less than 183 general practitioners, 126 pediatricians, and 483 specialized doctors. Hospital staff deficit is much less — at least 324 people. The most popular specialties are pediatricians, phthisiatricians, psychiatrists, addiction psychiatrists and otorhinolaryngologists, which corresponds, with some exceptions, to the deficit in the Russian Federation in general,” Dmitry Zinoviev said.

He added that in the current year, 72.5 million rubles were allocated for training program for the phased elimination of medical staff deficit in the region.

“In order to attract medical workers, we have adopted a comprehensive system of measures that consists of three main blocks: target training, complex targeted programs and social support measures designed to attract medical staff and help them stay, as well as scheduled skill training and retraining. The ministry more than doubled target enrollment in medical schools in 2014 compared to 2012. Much work has been done in nearby schools by the professionals, including chief physicians,” the speaker explained.

Dmitry Zinoviev also stressed that the regional system of payments and other measures of social support has proved to be positive.

However, he acknowledged that young professionals are not willing to work professionally after graduation.

Also, the acting minister listed the high percentage of pre-retirement and retirement aged medical staff among the pressing problems of health area.

In response, Mikhail Kosoy, chairman of the Penza region government asked why mature age is a disadvantage for physicians.

“I am probably under the yoke of previous work. But still, what’s wrong with these people? At this age, do they develop something that prevents them from treating people?” inquired Mikhail Kosoy, who used to be the head of the regional department of the Russian Pension Fund before his appointment in the regional government in August 2014.

Dmitry Zinoviev explained that health care is turning to full computerization, and the older generation specialists are often reluctant to abandon the paper-based information system and subsequently undermine the transformation.

Mikhail Kosoy disagreed with this statement, noting that sabotage is a problem of education and culture, not age.

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