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Penza zoo took measures to help waterbirds survive winter

09:55 | 01.12.2014 | Society


Penza, 1 December 2014. PenzaNews. The Penza zoo ornithologists created all conditions for waterbirds to survive the winter.

Penza zoo took measures to help waterbirds survive winter

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Ice was covered with a thick layer of hay to help the birds move on it and avoid freezing their feet, and installed powerful compressors to generate polynyas in the ice in order for the birds to dive and swim freely.

The cold season also required corrections in the rations. Now, birds will receive twice as much food with added sunflower oil to increase its heat value and prevent food from freezing.

“Swans, mallards, sheld ducks, geese, brent geese and other birds in the zoo will stay outdoors this winter. The ornithologists have moved the birds from the warmer regions, like pelicans and Australian black swans, to special warmed enclosures before cold snaps,” the Penza zoo administration informed PenzaNews agency.

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