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Anti-bribery campaign announced in Penza Oncology Center

18:27 | 01.12.2014 | Society


Penza, 1 December 2014. PenzaNews. A set of measures aimed at preventing the facts of corruption, including those related to giving and receiving bribes, was adopted in Penza Regional Oncology Center, said the chief medical officer Vitaly Serebryakov during his meeting with reporters that took place at the regional Ministry of Health on Monday, December 1.

Vitaly Serebryakov

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According to him, direct or indirect money extortion in Oncology Center is a striking display of cynicism aimed at patients suffering from lethal diseases.

Vitaly Serebryakov explained that he personally meets with patients and their families twice a month without their attending physician and conducts weekly reception of citizens to collect potential reports about any violations.

“Moreover, the clinic with the great bulk of patients has two monitors broadcasting an anti-corruption movie clip. During hospitalization, patients are handed a memo that clearly tells what constitutes a bribe and what punishment it inflicts,” the clinic CMO said.

He particularly drew attention to the fact that the clinic has boxes for anonymous reports in reception area and radiology department.

“I am the only person holding the keys to these boxes,” the head of the clinic stressed.

According to Vitaly Serebryakov, a situation where people loudly accuse doctors of violations but submit no information about actual facts of corruption, even anonymously, is completely illogical.

“Believe me, even an anonymous call does matter when dealing with an employee. If it’s regular, if the same department is mentioned again and again, I as the leader will find the way to influence the employee,” he explained.

Responding to a question about current corruption fight results, Vitaly Serebryakov noted that he cannot say that one or another doctor was fired for bribery and not for something else, because of the lack of proven facts.

In his turn, Vladimir Stryuchkov, minister of health of the Penza region, who also participated in the press conference, admitted that bribery culture has nested itself deeply into the system of medical services, and they have not succeeded in eradicating it so far.

He stressed that patients should be aware of their rights to free medical care.

“The Oncology Center, as well as the children’s hospital, have no commercial services at all. Moreover, our position is that the public health facilities should not have commercial services during the regular working hours, and we have mostly eradicated them. The only commercial services are those beyond the program: basically, these are some kind of permits and certificates. We are ready to perform all medical services that are included in the program of state guarantees for free,” he concluded.

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