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Mikhail Usov: 2015 is made by ourselves

12:18 | 31.12.2014 | Society


Penza, 31 December 2014. PenzaNews. Mikhail Usov, coordinator of the Penza LDPR branch, wished the citizens a happy New Year and Orthodox Christmas.

Mikhail Usov, coordinator of the Penza LDPR branch

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“The year of 2014 was by no means easy for all of us. Some achieved sound success; some were in for a resounding defeat. But life goes on. Soon comes 2015 that brings something new to our loves, and what it will bring will depend only on us,” he stressed.

Mikhail Usov also noted that the year was difficult, but beneficial for LDPR.

“The September election has shown people love and trust LDPR. Today, 24 depoties in the Penza region work for the good of the Penza region citizens, and we will do everything to not fail them,” he assured.

According to Mikhail Usov, the New Year is a holiday that must be met with a kind heart and good memories about the past days.

“Our lives are full of problems and misfortunes, but let us not forget about happy moments. Let’s leave aside all the worst things and meet 2015 with hopes for the best,” urged the leader of the Penza Liberal-Democrats.

He wished the citizens, especially young ones, good health, happiness and love.

“Children are our only future, and the future of Russia will depend on how they grow. LDPR always paid special attention to the new generation: after all, no child is alien. In December ,we gave presents to little children on the central streets of Penza city. Together with the zoo, LDPR visited a boarding foster care school in Serdobsk and presented the students with sports equipment. In the daily routine, we sometimes forget to pay attention to our kids – the dearest people in our lives, – and this must never happen. I wish you all to spend the happiest minutes of 2015 with your families,” Mikhail Usov said.

“And may every one of us say with pride he is a citizen of a great country this New Year! For the mighty Russia! For LDPR!” he added.

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