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Computer courses for young mothers, mothers of many children open in Penza

13:55 | 28.01.2015 | Society


Penza, 28 January 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza family support center “Pokrov,” located on Krasnaya Gorka Street, 24, plans to hold weekend computer practice courses for women in problematic life situations.

Computer courses for young mothers, mothers of many children open in Penza

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The classes start on Saturday, January 31.

As head of “Pokrov” Anna Kuznetsova told PenzaNews agency, this campaign will begin together with one more project.

“We also now have a childcare room, where mothers can temporarily leave their kids and take computer classes, so that later – when children are old enough to go to kindergarten – they would be able to find a higher-paying job. Young children are supervised by volunteers with pedagogical education,” the agency interlocutor explained.

The classes include introduction courses for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and several other programs, she added.

“This will help mothers to adapt to modern life. We received the computers through donations, and have already set them up. We plan to train up to 15 students during the first month, including those mothers who are currently residing in our center. There are three of them, and one more will soon arrive from the hospital,” Anna Kuznetsova said, adding they plan to continue the courses in the future.

According to her, if a woman does not need to upgrade her computer skills, she can still leave her child in the playroom in order free her hands for a different task, such as a job interview.

“The women will also be able earn money on the side through a few hours a day, delivering correspondence, for example,” said the head of the charity foundation.

She also informed that yet another project will become available in the nearest future.

“We had slight problems with the sewing class, but it will start. The workshop room is ready, but the equipment has not arrived yet. The women will learn how to operate industrial sewing machines through trimming christening shirts – we have made arrangements with the diocese. The teachers are employees of training and production plant No. 9, and they will help us free of charge. This will help mothers to have skills to, let’s say, mend baby nappies, sew some clothes for themselves, fix some clothes, and save or perhaps earn some money. If a student turns out to be quite talented, she may be able to repair clothes in the future for somebody who needs it,” the agency interlocutor added.

Anna Kuznetsova noted that all courses for women organized by the foundation are set up as temporary assistance.

“We need to help mothers to become as much self-sufficient as possible, so that they could overcome their difficulties. And, of course, our main goal is to stop the trend of abandoning children, so that little ones do not end up in orphanages,” she summed up.

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