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First hydroponic harvest in Penza college

17:54 | 29.01.2015 | Society


Penza, 29 January 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza multidisciplinary college laboratory has successfully grown a first test batch of edible greens using hydroponics technologies.

Photo: Mirp.pnzreg.ru

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Experimental cultivation of edible greens and vegetables is a project of the Faculty of Municipal Economy and Land Management. The experiments used a hydroponics set provided by the Ministry of Investment Development and Business of the Penza region.

“The first test was a success: we received the first experimental batch of scallions, growing 2 kilograms in 17 days. This means, a hydroponics set can provide a small company, such as a diner, with fresh edible greens,” the press service of the regional Ministry of Investment Development and Business told PenzaNews agency.

Currently, the experimenters are also trying to grow hydroponic tomatoes and lettuce, the officials added.

“The students are studying influence of lighting, season and temperature on hydroponics harvest,” the press service said.

The ministry noted that in the long term, hydroponic-vegetable growing experience may potentially be used on an industrial scale.

Hydroponics is a groundless method of growing vegetables, fruits and edible greens. The plant roots receive the necessary nutrients from a highly aerated environment.

Such method is enjoyed in arid regions, and recently attracted attention of Russian researchers, since it allows growing crops on an industrial scale while taking less space.

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