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Penza student group “Maximum” performed in Kizhevatovo village

13:02 | 29.01.2015 | Society


Penza, 29 January 2015. PenzaNews. The representatives of the student pedagogical group of Penza State Technological University “Maximum” visited Kizhevatovo village as a part of the 9th Winter Social Marathon, following its motto, “The Great Victory of the Great Country.”

Penza student group “Maximum” performed in Kizhevatovo village

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The student group traveled over 40 km within three days and visited the villages of the Penza and Bessonovo areas.

On Wednesday, January 28, their performance in Kizhevatovo village was attended by the regional headquarters of Russian student groups.

The student soldiers gave a fiery concert presenting the so-called “banner of peace,” which the students will carry on during the whole trip. After the performance everyone was welcome to write their words of gratitude to the veterans and call for peace.

“The headmaster Kizhevatovo village school is a former participant of student construction group in Khabarovsk, an active participant of propaganda trips, which is why the students had a warm welcome. In turn, the students thanked the hosts with creativity, social and educational work with children and volunteer assistance to the population. Local residents expressed their appreciation of the group's work, and the representatives of the regional headquarters of RSG presented the students sweet gifts,” Artem Kolobov, head of the Penza regional headquarters of RSG, commented for PenzaNews agency.

It is planned that on January 29, student group “Maximum” will visit Sosnovka village, and on January 30 they are going to perform in Chemodanovka.

In the framework of the IX Winter Social Marathon “The Great Victory of the great country,” each of the nine student groups received the name of the region’s citizen who participated in the Great Patriotic War.

The group “Maximum” took its name after one of the Brest Fortress defense leaders in the Great Patriotic War, the head of the 9th frontier of the 17th Brest border detachment of troops NKVD, the Soviet Union Hero Andrei Kizhevatov, who is a native of Seliksa (now Kizhivatovo village).

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