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Fund-raising for “Children of War” commemorative medals announced in Penza

17:16 | 03.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 3 February 2015. PenzaNews. Penza social activists are planning to present commemorative medals “Children of War” to the residents of the region affected by fascism.

“These are elderly people who were children during the World War II; they stayed away from the front, but were imprisoned, taken to labor camps in Germany, were in the besieged Leningrad or an other temporarily occupied territory, worked in factories in the rear. They are not invited to speak at schools, they do not receive flowers or get invited to the parade. They are usually rarely remembered. During our two-year work, we realized most of these people are in dire need of attention. They are very glad to talk to each other at our meetings, go to the movies, concerts and theater performances, tell their stories, and never complain about their lives,” reads the message posted on the Facebook page of the Penza community foundation “Civil Union.”

According to it, throughout two years, they found nearly 300 “war children” living in the region, and decided to present them commemorative medals before the Victory Day.

“For many of them it will be their first medal. Each medal costs 160 rubles to make. [...] You can help and give a little of your attention to these people. Donate any amount divisible by 160 rubles directly at our website,” reads the message of “Civil Union”.

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