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Penza region Commercial Court thanked journalists for cooperation

14:25 | 04.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 4 February 2015. PenzaNews. True and objective news about the Penza region Commercial Court published by regional media helps improve public trust to the system and allows the citizens to understand the reasonings behind the verdicts, said Natalya Uchaeva, deputy chairman of the regional Commercial Court during her meeting with journalists on Wednesday, February 4.

Penza region Commercial Court thanked journalists for cooperation

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“In 2014, the media made 783 publications [about the Penza region Commercial Court] – practically twice the 2013 number: 296 by the federal media, and 487 by the regional outlets,” she noted.

Natalya Uchaeva added the journalists frequently utilized their rights to be present at the open hearings and make written and audio recordings of the event without requiring a permission.

“Airing, taping, or making photos of the event requires the permission of the judge,” the deputy chairman of the Commercial Court reminded, adding that all such requests were satisfied last year.

Natalya Uchaeva also listed the cases of 2014 that attracted the most public attention. Among them are the decision to return former “Gorvodokanal” building in Kuznetsk to the government; the rebirth of the Temple of St. Dimitry of Solun in Poselki village by Kuznetsk to the Russian Orthodox Church; violation of anti-monopoly laws by “Chernozemye” transportation company; violations by urban amenities companies; and bankruptcy of “Penza Passenger Transportation.”

“We can call the media couriers between the courts and the Penza public,” she stressed, and added they are doing an important mission by trying to educate people through their news.

At the end of the meeting, Natalya Uchaeva awarded several representatives of the Penza media.

The staff of PenzaNews agency received a honorable certificate for timely and full coverage of activities of the Penza region Commercial Court in 2014. The document was presented to the PenzaNews editor Svetlana Katysheva.

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