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Penza citizens protested against Penza Passenger Transportation bankruptcy

10:33 | 08.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 8 February 2015. PenzaNews. Over 30 protesters took part in a public rally against the bankruptcy process of the municipal enterprise “Penza Passenger Transportation.” The protests were organized by the Penza branch of the Liberal-Democratic Party by the entry to Olimpiysky park on Saturday, February 7.

Penza citizens protested against Penza Passenger Transportation bankruptcy

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The activists were holding signs with slogans such as “Bring fraudsters to law,” “Officials, think of the people,” “Who will answer to bankruptcy?”, “We demand a stop to mass layoffs,” and “Let’s preserve the Penza trolley buses!”

During the event, the participants gathered addresses from former employees of “Penza Passenger Transportation” and socially active citizens. The letters will serve as a base for official information requests for City Duma deputies and relevant state institutions in the nearest future.

Earlier, Mikhail Usov, coordinator of the LDPR branch in Penza, said his party finds it unacceptable to close down the municipal enterprise and leave over 1,300 workers without jobs.

Moreover, according to him, the bankruptcy endangers the regional transportation discount campaign for the socially disadvantaged, and the closure of the company responsible for over 50% of the city commute routes may significantly increase transportation fares.

Mikhail Usov also claimed LDPR will investigate possible illicit deal aimed at bankrupting the state transportation company, and “work to bring those rascals invested in this process to law despite their standings, deputy passports and rich relatives.”

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