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Llama couple had birth at Penza zoo

13:28 | 10.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 10 February 2015. PenzaNews. A llama family in the Penza zoo – a male who arrived from the Czech Republic in 2013 as a gift to the city’s 350th anniversary, and a female who had been in the zoo for a long time – had a cria (a newborn llama).

Photo: Zoo-penza.ru

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The birth came as a surprise for the Penza zoo workers, who did not notice the baby bump under the thick winter fur of the animal.

The welcome gift appeared before the eyes of the zoo workers on Saturday, February 7.

“The weather was not very good for the cria that day: wet snow, wind, cold. So we decided to move the mama and the baby to a warmed enclosure. The specialists moved the mama in a special cage, and carried the cria by hands in a piece of warm cloth. The female llama got quickly accustomed to the new location, but we had to feed the cria from the baby bottle during the first day. The first night was full of worries, but in the morning the baby stood on his little legs, started drinking milk from the mother on his own, and began following her like a little tail,” the official representative of the Penza zoo informed PenzaNews agency.

According to him, the conditions in the warmed enclosure of the new veterinary sector are good.

“They are constantly supervised by the zoo specialists, and feel well. Our two-colored boy is very handsome, and you can nearly see him grow. By spring, the boy will become stronger, grow larger, and the visitors will be able to see him in the open. Our Czech colleagues already congratulated us with the birth and commented on his unusual colors,” added the agency interlocutor.

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