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Penza Seminary held “Candlemas Ball”

10:15 | 16.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 February 2015. PenzaNews. A ball, organized on the occasion of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple and the Day of Orthodox Youth, was held at the conference hall of Penza Seminary on Sunday, February 15.

Penza Seminary held “Candlemas Ball”

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The participants of the dancing event were 25 couples: seminary students and students of pharmacy college. The gentlemen were wearing seminar uniform jackets, and the ladies were dressed for the evening.

The concert program was accompanied by “Premiera” string quartet.

According to the archpriest Nikolai Groshev, first vice-rector of the Penza Seminary, such balls had been held only before the Soviet Revolution.

“Perhap, it would be a right choice to begin reviving those conservative foundations of education of the previous century starting from the most perennial education institution of the Penza region: the Orthodox Seminary. This is the first such event in our modern history. Today we are laying the foundament for a new tradition,” the archpriest said.

He noted that the balls had been had on each Candlemas, that day was associated with the Christian youth movement in all Orthodox countries.

“The idea of the festival goes back to the fact that young hearts, contrary to vulgarity dominating in the world, seek to live in accordance with their own Christian principles, that is, the evidence of encountering the Christ in their lives. In this sense, such events express the desire to elevate our students, to give them some alternative to the currently present pseudo-youth culture,” Nikolai Groshev explained.

At the ball, the young people not only danced, but also played traditional Russian games: “Rucheek,” “Cat and Mouse,” and “Zhmurki.”

Moreover, the participants had an opportunity to enjoy vocal solo and choir performances.

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