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Penza governor suggesting uniting the elderly in price monitoring agent network

20:40 | 16.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 February 2015. PenzaNews. The elderly can help quickly inform Penza officials about unreasonable food price increases, suggested Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region.

Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region

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“You must pull this outside together with the society, the NGO and the antimonopoly committee. You must have agents: grandmothers and grandfathers, a system of external reporters,” Vasily Bochkarev told the Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region Andrei Burlakov during a regional government session on Monday, February 16.

According to the governor, the authorities and the society must publicly shame unreasonable price increasers.

He suggested learning from the “StopHam” movement and use stickers that say “‘Deceiver’ or something worse” to brand managers or directors.

Vasily Bochkarev ordered Andrei Burlakov to found several non-governmental organizations with main target to monitor prices using society.

“Invite there people from various parties, various ages, and they will help you – in many neighborhoods, to control all the store chains. Tell them your Skype ID, your e-mail, and they will write to you, send messages,” said the head of the region.

According to the governor, the elderly can also act as agents for healthcare monitoring institutions.

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