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Resolution supporting historical truth about war signed in Penza

18:28 | 18.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 18 February 2015. PenzaNews. The resolution for preservation of historical truth about the Great Patriotic War (WWII) was signed at the end of a workshop organized by Penza United Russia party regional branch on Wednesday, February 18.

Resolution supporting historical truth about war signed in Penza

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“A peaceful future for our children and grandchildren is made today. That is why we must fight together against the existing threat using our unity, our desire to ensure that the horrors of that war never repeat again,” the document goes.

The workshop titled “WWII History Falsifications: Lies That Destroy Historical Truth” involved veterans, members of the Legislative Assembly of the region, teachers, and students.

The event was moderated by Anton Kompleev, deputy dean for Research and Innovation and assistant professor of General History at the Penza State University.

Vladimir Kerhanadzhev, a Stalingrad Battle veteran, expressed his opinion on the topic.

“Every year, the number of veterans, witnesses of the war, is becoming smaller and smaller. We need to cherish the history to prevent what is happening in Ukraine, when the fascism is rearing its head,” he said.

During the discussion, one of the participants suggested to strengthen the work on patriotic education of the youth. Following the idea, Natalia Pereyaslova, history teacher at the school No. 36, told the audience about the project “Letters from the Frontlines.”

“We decided to collect the letters from the frontlines. Unfortunately, there are very few of them left. The reader becomes a witness to the events, the emotions of people who experienced the war. In my opinion, the project makes it possible to preserve the link between generations, tell the children about the war through the stories of their relatives, pass on the real truth about the war,” the press service of the regional United Russia branch quoted the teacher.

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