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“Revizorro” TV show hostess investigated Penza hotels, café, pizza parlor

15:28 | 19.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 February 2015. PenzaNews. Lena Letuchaya, the hostess of a TV program “Revizorro,” verified service quality provided by four places in Penza: “Provinciya” hotel, “Bozy” café, “London City” boutique hotel, “Trio Pizza” food parlor.

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The TV show episode shot in Penza was originally aired on “Pyatnica!” channel on Wednesday, February 18, and is now available online at Friday.ru.

The inspection of hotel “Provinciya” on Svobody street began with a snowy driveway. Lena Letuchaya was forced to reach the place on foot due to being unable to drive to the entrance.

At the hotel, she asked the manager to assist in bringing the luggage from the car, but the hotel representative explained that the porter is off on the weekend. Eventually, a housekeeper helped the TV show hostess to carry the baggage into her suite.

The manager insisted on stopping the filming: as a result, her face was blurred in the episode.

Lena Letuchaya asked a few questions about the location, including those concerning the price list, but received no answers.

During the inspection of her suite, the hostess found dirt on the carpet and chairs in the room, web and stains on the carpet in the kitchen. According to her, the bedroom had poor lighting, bed linen had stains and hair, and space behind the bed contained web, nails and “miles of dirt.”

Commenting on what she saw, Lena Letuchaya noted that her suite was not worth a dime.

She demanded to reimburse the cost in full and got back 3,600 rubles, explaining that any guest, displeased with the hotel service, has the right to do so.

“It seems this place heard nothing about Russian laws. The inspection showed more cons than pros. ‘Revizorro” does not recommend the Penza ‘Provinciya’ hotel,” the TV hostess summed up.

The next on the visiting list was cafe “Bozy” on Moskovskaya Street, where the show hostess immediately noticed widespread dirt.

Lena Letuchaya noted that dirty rags could not possible be found anywhere near the cabbage rolls, that allegedly were temporarily left there due to the “shortage of time.” She was also displeased about a visible layer of dirt on the fan and range hood.

In addition, the TV show hostess revealed numerous violations of product storage. The question about production date and time labels on the goods in the refrigerator, puzzled the kitchen staff representative, who said it was the first time that she heard of such a requirement.

In contrast to the cook, the manager was not surprised but rather outraged by this requirement.

“What are you talking about? How can we label the meat?” she asked.

Further inspection revealed new violations, including expired products in the refrigerator.

Some time later, a police officer Alexei Sayganov arrived after a phone call from the café representatives. Reluctantly, he introduced himself, presented the documents, and checked the show hostess’s press card, after which he did not interfere with her work.

Afterwards, the show hostess found more violations. Lena Letuchaya was particularly indignant over a bowl of soup on the bottom shelf just above the floor and salads prepared for serving.

“This was prepared for people. You have scared everyone away. They would have eaten it all right,” the manager said.

During the restroom check, Lena Letuchaya was horrified by the stench, the lack of toilet seat and cover, and all-present grime. The last straw for her was a cockroach crawling on the wall.

“To the Penza Rospotrebnadzor: I believe I demonstrated enough for you to come and inspect this place,” the TV show hostess appealed.

After that, the café director and her husband appeared in the location, trying to justify all the dirt as the work environment.

“Please, consider this as my official request to Penza Rospotrebnadzor. Based on the inspection I gave the location low marks in every parameter [storage standards, state of kitchen, hall, restroom, food quality]. ‘Revizorro’ does not recommend Penza cafe ‘Bozy’,” Lena Letuchaya summed up.

Later during the show, she visited the “London City” boutique hotel on Bakunina Street. The hostess was overall pleased with what he saw, pointing out bathroom cleanliness.

“I would stay in this hotel. It received all good marks. ‘Revizorro’ recommends the ’London City’ boutique hotel in Penza,” Lena Letuchaya said.

At the end of the episode, the TV crew visited the “Trio Pizza” parlor, where Lena Letuchaya faced staff resistance, who began to film her and other members of the TV crew on their mobile phones. However, this did not prevent her from revealing the dirt in the location, violation of food storage standards, and fungus under the kitchen table.

“What a mess!” the TV show hostess pointed out.

The sushi bar chef could not give her any answer about the shelf life of the used salmon.

Lena Letuchaya made several comments about the restroom, which had just been cleaned. She was alarmed to see a dirty rag and a bucket right at the entrance, and complained about the state of the toilet bowl and the sink.

“Somehow, the restaurants working for many years believe that the rules exist for everyone but them. This is disappointing. The inspection showed only negative marks in all parameters. ‘Revizorro’ does not recommend the Penza café ‘Trio pizza’,” Lena Letuchaya said.

In conclusion, she advised Penza hoteliers and restaurateurs to stay vigilant.

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