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Penza citizens celebrated Maslenitsa in style

11:35 | 23.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 23 February 2015. PenzaNews. Maslenitsa was celebrated all over Penza city on Sunday, February 22.

Penza citizens celebrated Maslenitsa in style

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The main events were held at the Belinsky cultural and recreation park, where the visitors could see a stage performance “Boyarinya Maslenitsa” with games, quizzes and contests, along with delicious tea and blinchiki.

As an experiment, several officials – the head of the city Victor Kuvaytsev and the mayor Yuri Krivov, who visited the celebration – were offered to make several blinchikis themselves. Later on, their efforts were joined by those of the first deputy chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly Valery Lidin.

While cooking, Victor Kuvaytsev asked where did the ingredients come from, and learned the flour came from Bashmakovo, the sour cream was made in Vadinsk, and the butter was produced in Penza.

“Glad it’s all made by us. This means the blinchikis should end up tasty!” said the head of the city.

Victor Kuvaytsev and Yuri Krivov also took part in a large sleigh ride and danced in a khorovod.

The stages of the city saw performances of “Golosa Rossii,” “Roschitsa,” “Zvany Vecher” and other groups, while the Masters’ Alley of the park held a folk craft fair where citizens and visitors could buy handmade tools and souvenirs.

The celebrations concluded in the traditional burning of the Maslenitsa effigy, a ceremony that symbolizes the passing of winter and the welcoming of spring.

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