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Over 70 Penza school graduates to test USE in Foreign Languages

14:17 | 25.02.2015 | Society


Penza, 25 February 2015. PenzaNews. 72 graduates of Penza schools will take part in testing of the Unified State Exam in Foreign Languages that includes speaking tests in the Lyceum No. 55 on Thursday, February 26.

This event is a part of preliminary USE tests for early and main exam days, the press service of the regional Ministry of Education informed PenzaNews agency.

“The test mainly aims to improve coordination of all involved structures, as well as organization of teachers and students,” the officials explained.

The Unified State Exam in Foreign Languages will be held using computers with special software and headsets.

The Speaking part of the exam will require a student to provide their answer during an individual speaking session without a test operator. The special software will display the text of the task and record the answers.

This method minimizes the time a human tester needs to check a student’s performance during USE: the school graduate works with the software entirely on his own.

The Speaking test is included in the Foreign Languages exam at the request of the exam subject, and may net up to 20 points.

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