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International seminar meeting “Concept of facility security” began in Penza

15:15 | 04.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 4 March 2015. PenzaNews. The fifth international scientific and practical seminar meeting of design companies, service providers and installation organizations, titled “Facility Security Concept. Innovative Solutions,” began at the “Serebryany Bor” Penza health resort complex on Wednesday, March 4.

International seminar meeting “Concept of facility security” began in Penza

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The annual three-day event organized by “Center of special engineering structures of research and design institute of radio-electronic equipment” (JSC “CESIS NIKIRET”) involves nearly 60 people: representatives of Russian cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Kaluga, Khabarovsk, as well as specialists from Kazakhstan, Belarus and partners of Penza companies from France and Belgium.

The seminar schedule includes the following issues: design and installation of various types of commercially available barriers, including bullet-scattering and anti-ramming devices and barriers, frameless arch structures, and detection equipment for security systems of facilities of varying criticality ratings.

As Sergei Dolzhenko, communications dept. specialist of JSC “CESIS NIKIRET,” told ‘PenzaNews” agency, the keynote speakers of the seminar meeting are specialists of organizing company, as well as members of instrument-cluster of the Penza region “Security”: JSC “Company ‘UMIRS’,” LLC “Security Equipment,” NIKIRET branch of the “Start” Protsenko production association, as well as developers and manufacturers of security engineering systems.

“Today, manufacturers will be able to contact representatives of design organizations from across the country and to consider the problem in complex. Nowadays, the client needs not only a barrier, but also sensors, CCTV – the entire system. The consumer needs security, and the group of companies within the Penza cluster is able to install the whole security complex,” the agency interlocutor noted.

As Mikhail Lyashkov, CEO of JSC “Center of cluster development,” pointed out, by organizing such international events, “CESIS NIKIRET” becomes a vital link between potential customers and a number of companies of the Penza region equipment production cluster.

“These are ‘UMIRS” and ‘Security Equipment,’ and others. This is a great honor and an interesting opportunity. There are no other regions in Russia with a greater concentration of companies engaged in development and production of security equipment, especially perimeter security. Today the Penza region provides for almost 60% of Russia’s security equipment market, and this seminar is yet another proof,” he said.

Opening the seminar, Oleg Shapoval, board chairman of JSC “CESIS NIKIRET,” president of the regional association of industrialists, noted that Penza region provides an opportunity to unite companies on any basis, since all enterprises of the cluster know each other very well.

Security production can be called a “people’s craft” in the region, he added.

“We are pursuing several goals by organizing today’s event. First of all, resolution of technical engineering issues that arose when working on the projects, and marketing tasks pursued by the whole cluster as well as its individual enterprises. And, of course, it is an occasion to gather the professional community together to talk in both formal and informal way, tell each other what we are up to here in the Penza region, and listen to our partners’ desires,” Oleg Shapoval said.

On the second seminar day there will be a presentation of the production base of JSC “CESIS NIKIRET,” JSC “Company “UMIRS,” as well as a visit to the testing ground at the airport “Sosnovka.”

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