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Head-high ice, snow globes piled up on Penza Stroiteley prospekt

11:48 | 15.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 15 March 2015. PenzaNews. Head-high globes of snow and ice piled up on the sidewalks of Stroitelei prospect in Penza, collected there by the communal services to likely make them thaw faster.

Head-high ice, snow globes piled up on Penza Stroiteley prospekt

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However, according to residents of the apartment buildings nearby, the snow and ice do not thaw at all: the piles have remained on the streets for at least a week.

“They placed them on the northern side. Why do they think they would thaw away? This side is the last to get free of snow. Our house is nine stores high, it blocks the sunlight. Of course this is completely ridiculous. Not only did they build that ice cream parlor construction site right under our windows, they also piled the ice on our sidewalks. They should gather it and move it away, but [the communal services] simply turned them over and left,” one of the residents of the Stroitelei prospekt, 50 apartment building complained to PenzaNews agency.

As per her words, this is the first year such a situation took place in the area, while before “it was clean and tidy.”

“The services always cleaned the main roads first in spring: the Pobedy and Stroitelei prospects. These are the face of our city after all. I’m not speaking of the city center, it’s always clean, both by the regional admin building [the Penza region government] and the city executive comms [Penza city administration.] This year, this is what we got. When Roman Borisovich [Chernov, ex-head of Penza city administration] was in office, we all saw it was tidy, and there always were inspectors, watching how they clean the streets, argued with the services. Now, there is nobody, no one needs anything,” the pensioner complained.

At the same time, she said that many residents of the apartment building are still outraged by the inaction of Roman Chernov’s administration that, according to her words, “allowed this awkward building.”

“We are peaceful people. We rebelled, and what are the results? They built it after all. What should they do now, bulldoze it down? Guess we’re going to go eat ice cream there once they increase our pensions. But at least they should clean the road, get the ice out and sand the sidewalks more often: at least there will be something for us, the pensioners, to be happy about,” the speaker added. 

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