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Anti-collision equipment testing facility commissioned in Penza region

12:56 | 16.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 March 2015. PenzaNews. The anti-collision equipment testing facility in the Penza region opened its doors for regular operation.

Anti-collision equipment testing facility commissioned in Penza region

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The location is designed to test the protection equipment designed by the Center of Special-Purpose Engineering Structures under the Research and Design Institute of Radioelectronic Engineering (JSC “CSPES NIKIRET”), the leading manufacturer of the Penza region instrumentation manufacturing cluster.

The facility already held its first experiments, including a car crash test of an anti-collision boom gate designed for railway crossing security.

Based on information from the engineers, the tested equipment designed to block a passage 7.5 meters wide withstood a collision with a 10-ton vehicle moving at the speed of 40 kmph.

The anti-collision boom gate is the proprietary project of “CSPES NIKIRET” for the JSC “Russian Railways.” Currently, most railway crossing boom gates block only a half of the passage and are easy for a car to ram through.

According to official data, over 11 thousand railway crossings are located in Russia. Only a small part of them are controlled, and a majority of such crossings do not have the means to ensure sufficient security: this caused over 300 accidents that resulted in more than 50 deaths in the country in 2014.

The anti-collision boom gate designed by “CSPES NIKIRET” not only provide effective protection of the railroad from unauthorized crossing, but also rises and lowers three times faster, which reduces the waiting time at the crossing.

Such boom gates are installed along the high speed train routes “Moscow–St. Petersburg,” “St.-Petersburg–Vyborg (Buslovskaya),” and “Moscow–Nizhny Novgorod.”

According to engineering experts, the results of field tests at the new site will be useful for the manufacturer during the research and development of security equipment for various facilities.

JSC “CSPES NIKIRET” was founded by the Scientific Research Institute of Physical Measurements (NIIFI) and the Research and Design Institute of Radioelectronic Engineering (NIKIRET).

CSPES NIKIRET is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the technical security equipment set (TSES) design and production industry.

Among its priority areas are development and mass production of anti-collision TSES for special, critical and high-security facilities.

The enterprise takes a complex approach to ensuring security of such objects. It carries out the whole production cycle, including analysis of potential threats, development of the general safety and security concept, creation of a technical and economical evaluation case, equipment design, installation, start-up and adjustment works, and “turn-key” commissioning, which includes training courses for the security staff and shipment of the full design documentation and operation manuals.

The production of the enterprise is ISO 9001:2011 certified and notable for its high performance and durability.

The technical security equipment sets created by CSPES NIKIRET are extensively used on the borders of Russia and other CIS countries, by the Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs, on facilities of “Rosatom,” “Gazprom,” “Transneft,” “Rosneft,” in international airports, and large industrial facilities.

The company is a member of the Penza instrumentation manufacturing cluster “Security.” 

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