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“Rostelecom” starts new stage of “Fiber Optic To Villages” program

12:25 | 26.03.2015 | Society


Penza, 26 March 2015. PenzaNews. “Rostelecom” has started the next stage of its company-financed program “Fiber Optic To Villages” in the Penza region.

“The program involves laying fiber optic cable between area centers and villages. Thanks to it, people living away from urban centers will be able to use Home Internet access at speeds not less than 2 Mbps. In 2015, we plan to encompass several locations with over 3,500 residents in the fiber optic expansion program: Ilim-Gora in the Neverkino area, Chumaevo in the Kameshkir area, Chibirley in the Kuznetsk area, and Kuteevka in the Belinsky area,” the press service of the Penza “Rostelecom” branch informed PenzaNews agency.

According to the company, the selected villages have great demand for new broadband access nodes and greater connection speed.

“As of now, ‘Rostelecom’ is conducting the necessary measures to prepare for the process. The cable-laying will start in May 2015, and ‘Fiber Optic To Villages’ will replace 22.5 km of old wires,” the press service added.

The new fiber optic cables, the Penza region branch described, will allow to increase each user’s connection speed up to 2-6 Mbps depending on plan, and allow them to browse websites, stream videos and use state and banking services with comfort.

“Moreover, citizens residing in villages will be able to enjoy Interactive TV service with up to 200 HD channels,” the press service added.

According to Lev Dyatlov, director of the Penza “Rostelecom” section, the company has been developing its nation-wide connection update program. The program includes upgrading current users to fiber optic connection and laying new cables down to towns and villages that had no Internet access prior.

“‘Rostelecom’ does a great deed: we upgrade the connection to villages, where our services are in great demand. With bigger bandwidth, the users will be able to use other services, Interactive TV included,” he stressed.

The program “Fiber Optic To Villages” of “Rostelecom” was initiated in 2010, and since then has resulted in over 1,000 km of hew fiber optic lines down to 210 villages.

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