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“Atlantida Project” music band performs in Penza

12:30 | 19.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 April 2015. PenzaNews. The famous St. Petersburg cyber-folk band “Atlantida Project” held a concert at the Penza restaurant hall “Frau Gross” on Saturday, April 18.

Originally, they planned to perform at the Dzerzhinsky culture palace; however, on April 14, the producers announced the change of plans through the band’s official VK.com page.

The band headed by the singer Alexandra Sokolova and the composer and guitarist Sergei Zyazin presented its new 90-minute program in Penza, which included songs “Razum,” “Krugi,” “Metafizicheskaya Toska,” “Novoye Izmereniye,” “Signalniye Ogni,” and others.

Some people in the audience dansed to the music, while some sat on the dance floor. When the band singer took of her shoes and continued to perform barefoot, one of the fans followed her example.

Alexandra Sokolova a young woman who is currently fighting against a stage 4 cancer, performed some of the songs while sitting in a chair.

She noted the positive reaction of the audience, commended the fact there were no drunk people at the performance, and asked to say hello to Noize MC, a music performer who would be holding his concert on Suday, April 19.

“Thank you very much, guys! Now we will rest. And I believe we will meet again, and many times,” said Alexandra Sokolova at the end of the concert.

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