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Fire safety violations found in Penza trade centers

10:34 | 18.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 18 April 2015. PenzaNews. Several Penza trade centers and large shops, as well as other buildings that attract many people, such as “Arbat,” “Karavan,” “List,” “Rembyttekhnika” and “Spar,” were found to be in violation of fire safety regulations.

Fire safety violations found in Penza trade centers

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“The evacuation exit on the first floor in the back of the ‘Arbat’ trade center on Moskovskaya street, 59, are locked on key, while the regulations require the fire exit to be locked on latch to ensure free exit from inside,” Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency.

Meanwhile, the storage area doors at the “Karavan” shop on Suvorova street, 166, are not sufficiently fireproof, she added.

“Moreover, the storage area doors lack notes on the area’s explosion and fire danger level and zone class. Along with that, there is no fire evacuation plan, and the fire exit in the storage area is blocked with a pile of goods,” said the speaker.

The fire safety inspectors also had notes on the “Rembyttekhnika,” Yulia Makarova noted.

“The first floor of the five-floor building on Suvorova street, 225, that hosts many stores, work shops and offices, has a 25-centimeter lip by the entrance, which is against the regulations,” she explained.

Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations also pointed out that the “Spar” store on Kulakova street, 10, installed its evacuation doors in such a manner that they open inside, not outside like the regulations specify.

According to her, the fire hose at the “Evrolist” company (“List” supermarket) on Karpinskovo street, 2a, is not attached to the fire hydrant.

“After the investigation, the prosecutor of the Leninsky area of Penza city instructed to open administrative cases against the heads of the aforementioned companies under Art. 20.4 of the Administrative Code, titled ‘Fire safety violation.’ The instructions were directed to the audit department of the Penza region EMERCOM branch. The fire safety inspections are still ongoing,” the speaker stressed.

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