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Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev holds meeting with citizens

14:09 | 20.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 20 April 2015. PenzaNews. The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev has held a personal meeting with citizens in the meeting hall of the “United Russia” chairman Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, April 20.

Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev holds meeting with citizens

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11 people came to the meeting, and several of them started the discussion with urban issues.

One of them, Valery Komissarov, a lawyer representing the disabled and families with many children, asked to investigate the possibility of laying down gas pipes to the Zarya neighborhood individual construction area to the north of Magistralnaya street at reduced rates.

“The power lines are on place, but there are issues with gas,” he said.

A public interest group of concerned citizens is currently dealing with the paperwork, but they need organizational assistance, Victor Komissarov explained.

The city head promised to review the address in the nearest future and take the measures.

“We will strive to do everything necessary to lay down gas pipes to that street as well,” Victor Kuvaytsev added.

The residents of Dobrolyubova street of the village of Sosnovka represented by Valentin Sazonkin expressed their joint plea to transfer their communal water pipe system to “Gorvodokanal.”

“We have a very old issue that is still hanging – the one about water pipes. About ten years ago […] they laid down pipes for us through all Sosnovka. And for eight years, it’s constantly leaking. They patch one hole, it cannot hold the pressure, and next day one more bursts out,” the Penza citizen explained.

At the same time, “Gorvodokanal” refuses to repair the water pipe network saying that while the company owns a part of it, it does not have the required water magistral certificate and thus cannot maintain the structure, Valery Sazonkin elaborated.

Victor Kuvaytsev explained that the water pipes must first be transferred to the municipal ownership and then rented to “Gorvodokanal” to make the company fix the structure.

“You don’t have anybody to complain about the pipe right now: you laid it down on your own, and now you have this issue,” he said, promising to help find the way out.

The issue was followed by the question of Irina Zhulimova, head of the junior sports club “Yunost,” who wanted to learn more about the roof repairs of the club’s training building.

“We are affixed to the City Junior Technicians Station No. 2. For over a year, we have been asking to repair the roof. It leaks so badly our judo mats broke down. Great international-level martial arts coaches are leaving us and go to the martial arts sports palace: they are leaving the kids alone. It is impossible to train and educate children there in our hall,” she added.

Victor Kuvaytsev promised to resolve the issue.

Other issues raised during the meeting with citizens were related to roads and sidewalks, new housing to house fire victims, new flats to residents of apartment buildings subject to demolition, and removal of illegal construction.

Victor Kuvaytsev provided consultations on all the addresses and promised help with resolving the problems. 

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