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Friday buses to be resumed after Penza journalist’s appeal to Vladimir Putin

14:32 | 30.04.2015 | Society


Penza, 30 April 2015. PenzaNews. The schedule of Penza suburban buses, the frequency of which was planned to be reduce from four to three days, only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, excluding Friday, will be revise. The decision was announced by Yuri Krivov, head of the city administration, during a meeting with reporters on Thursday, April 30.

Friday buses to be resumed after Penza journalist’s appeal to Vladimir Putin

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“Yesterday once again we talked with carriers for 1.5 hours. And we reached an agreement on Friday buses. Now on Friday, they will be working, after they decided to ‘thin out’ the schedule for Saturday and Sunday,” the mayor said.

Yuri Krivov noted that this year the dacha issue provoked a large number of discussions and a wave of confusion, but he is just an “attribute” is this situation.

He said that when people ask to solve their problem, they actually refer to the entire city, offering to take some of the money from one task and relocate it to another one.

The mayor also expressed readiness to sign the necessary documents in order provide an opportunity on May 1-3 to use the fare discount when buying the so-called “transport card of a gardening nonprofit association member.”

The dacha owners should contact the chairmen of associations and get their cards, explained Yuri Anfalov, director of MUE “Artsis,” who also participated in the press conference.

“Tomorrow, we shall have a point of sale, issuance, activation and prolongation of transportation cards at each final station. It is clear that if there is a lot of customers, we will not be able to provide everyone. Therefore, please bring the money, preferably small change to speed up the process,” he said.

Then Penza administration head Yuri Krivov expressed his position on transportation issues once again.

“Again, because some of our colleagues appeal to the President [of Russia] on this issue. If the budget allowed, the problem could have been solved easily. If we had our own restored MUE, and so on. But when we do not have all that, we start creating stuff. I have already said that and now I am saying it again. In this creative quest, which, incidentally, is correlated with the story about the self-organization of people and self-organization support, it is best if the transportation is ordered by the dacha cooperative localized along one route. And we would give them the money in the form of subsidies,” he said, noting that one of the reasons this plan was frustrated was financial illiteracy of the gardening associations' who are not skilled in working with budget money.

“This, in my opinion, would have reduced the cost of this story,” the mayor of Penza added.

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