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Protest against planned city commute fare increase held by Penza admin building

18:17 | 15.05.2015 | Society


Penza, 15 May 2015. PenzaNews. Over 40 people, including the CPRF city committee activists, members of the regional civil organization “Children of War” and young Communist supporters, took part in a protest against the planned increase of the city commute fare held by the Penza city administration building on Friday, May 15.

Protest against planned city commute fare increase held by Penza admin building

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The people were holding the Communist flags and banners that read: “People Over Profits!”, “Away with Transport Lobbyists in City Duma!”, “Mayor, Remove Intermeds from Passenger Transportation!”, “Are You a Mayor, Krivov, or Transport Fraudsters’ Hostage?”, and more.

The Communists demanded the Penza authorities to prevent the bus, trolley bus and shuttle bus fare increase.

The event was attended by the CPRF faction State Duma deputy from the Penza region Vladimir Simagin, who expressed his hope that the authorities will listen to the people.

“Yes, this is our preventive measures after [Natalya] Klak’s [head of Tariff Regulation and Energy Conservation Department of the Penza region] office work results. If everything remains how it is, that is, the costs grow by over a third, we will be holding even larger protests starting in June,” the deputy promised.

Answering the question of a PenzaNews reporter on whether the fare increase is justified during the times when various commodities are getting more expensive, the people’s representative gave a fairly ambiguous reply.

“Just see how they are increasing! Over 33%. This is unspeakable. Not by 5%, not by a ruble or two – out of place and by much. And what would be the lot of the people who take several buses to get to work? This is a very heavy boon. And many people did not get any increases in salaries. The teachers got a reduction, as far as I know,” Vladimir Simagin pointed out.

According to him, the fare level in other cities is below that in Penza.

“All is known in comparison. Saransk: bus, 12 rubles, trolley bus, 13 rubles, shuttle bus, 14 rubles. Saratov: bus, trolley bus, tram, 15, shuttle bus, 17. Tambov: bus, trolley bus, 13, shuttle bus, 14. Samara: 20 rubles, but with discounts for war veterans, school and university students and the poor. Ulyanovsk: trolley bus, tram, 14, shuttle bus, 18. People are working and getting profits, and nobody complains. Is gas more expensive in our city, or are the transportation companies paying some bonus taxes?” the deputy asked.

The Communists also urged the authorities to resolve the dacha commute situation, bring back the Friday buses, increase the number of buses and straighten up the timetable.

The event was not followed by any incidents or public safety violations, the police officers protecting the public order nearby told the PenzaNews agency reporter.

As PenzaNews agency informed earlier, the Penza city authorities plan to increase the city commute fare on June 1, 2015. 

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