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Penza road crews quickly abandoned “Mogilevsky Dvorik” area sidewalk repairs

12:49 | 16.05.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 May 2015. PenzaNews. The repairs of “Mogilevsky Dvorik” area in Penza was practically abandoned right at the beginning, complain its frequent visitors, including people with children, and residents of adjacent apartment buildings on Glazunova street and Stroiteley prospekt.

Penza road crews quickly abandoned “Mogilevsky Dvorik” area sidewalk repairs

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As the local area residents told PenzaNews agency, they saw the first attempts at renovation about ten to fourteen days before, when the road crews dug the sidewalk curbs and brought the curbstone.

According to the residents, since then the number of curbstones in the unattended pile slightly decreased due to “people who perhaps were in need of some free building blocks during the dacha season.”

“The workers pottered around for a while and left. Of course there were holidays, we understand, but it’s Saturday now, and I can definitely tell you nothing changed this week. Personally, I saw no people working. And this sidewalk is used by people very often: not just by parents with children going to ‘Mogilevsky Dvorik’ area, but by those going to ‘Olymp’ shopping center, to the mechanical college, to the market, and to the ‘Pyaterochka’ store. There are only two paved pedestrian roads there, and you either go here or on the opposite side of the street,” said one of the local residents.

He added that the road workers did more harm than good, since people now have to walk by road stones and dirt, broken asphalt and trash. The recent rain muddled the road, “forcing people to walk there dirty like pigs.”

“If you took it up – follow on it, if you don’t want to work – don’t touch. Why are you meddling around? Trying to show the authorities care about you? Make a display of some vivid renovation activity? We don’t need a show. We only need to walk here without breaking your legs. So, please, dear authorities, especially area officials, pay attention to what happens practically right under your noses. After all, you are responsible for this territory. Please, be so kind as to put it in order as soon as possible,” the speaker asked.

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