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Renown blogger Ilya Varlamov visits Penza for Jazz May festival

12:33 | 16.05.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 May 2015. PenzaNews. A well-known Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov known online as “Zyalt” arrived to Penza on Saturday, May 16.

In his LiveJournal post before the trip, he wrote he plans to visit Jazz May festival.

“Seems like something good: an open-air fest, free, no strings from some parties or unions, though financed by the region and the Culture Ministry. Its organizers are a young team, doing everything for love, as they say. I have no planned meeting, but if anyone wants to meet, drop me a line,” the blogger explained, leaving his contact e-mail in the post.

Ilya Varlamov also asked his readers about notable landmarks and must-visits.

On his arrival to Penza, the blogger took a photo of Penza-1 train station, and published a picture of the underground pedestrian tunnel showing broken-down pavement and metal guard sheets covered with a mess of paper ads.

The visitor of the city also took interest in a sign installed at a “Sputnik City” apartment complex lawn, saying: “No walking, laying, littering, walking animals on lawn.””

Shortly after, Ilya Varlamov said he visited a shooting range.

“Penza has the coolest attractions, right from the childhood!” he wrote in his Twitter.

Earlier, Jazz May festival organizers announced that Ilya Varlamov will be providing blogging support to the Penza music fest.

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