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Curbstones pile disappeared from “Mogilevsky Dvorik” sidewalk repair site

11:25 | 19.05.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 May 2015. PenzaNews. Two palettes of curbstones that had been left by the repair site of a “Mogilevsky Dvorik” area sidewalks, plagued with lengthy delays, disappeared overnight, the residents of the apartment building No. 1 on Glazunova street in Penza reported to PenzaNews agency.

Curbstones pile disappeared from “Mogilevsky Dvorik” sidewalk repair site

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According to them, the blocks were still there in the afternoon of Monday, May 18, and there are photos to prove it; however, on the morning of Tuesday only a single curbstone was left on the ground.

“Seems like somebody came at night, loaded it and left. And the stone was left there because they were in rush. But perhaps they were the workers. Maybe they needed the curbstones for another repair site. But why did they leave that single stone on the ground by the palette? Are they not accountable for how much resources they are allocated for the repairs?” asked one of the locals.

According to him, if that is a case of theft, “its cause is just plain slack attitude of the repair company.”

“There are always people who will need something that’s left unattended. Especially unattended for a long time. Of course, we have a big house, with nine sections and over 300 flats, but I doubt anyone of us was hired to guard them,” said the speaker.

Currently, the only other blocks in the area are about 30 curbstones aligned along the sidewalk, just like days ago.

The alignment cord set up by the construction workers went down, got torn and even disappeared.

The large blocks of removed asphalt still remain on the sidewalk, blocking the path for the passers-by, including mothers with prams that favor “Mogilevsky Dvorik” as their favorite place.

Moreover, the residents of No. 1, Glazunova street, petitioned for the area authorities to pay better attention to tending after the territories adjacent to the recreation zone.

In particular, they pointed out, the lawn that was mowed using a mechanical lawnmower on a rainy day was ruined and now has dark lines going all through it, which hurts the view on the patch of land close to trees and shrubberies.

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