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3rd international Penza–Flensburg congress scheduled in Penza

14:52 | 31.05.2015 | Society


Penza, 31 May 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza State University will host the 3rd international Penza–Flensburg congress on June 1-5.

“The cities of Penza and Flensburg have enjoyed their partnership since over 7 years ago. The cooperation between the Penza State University and the Flensburg University, the schools and the medical bodies is particularly tightly-knit. In 2013, the partnership became more organized and took a new turn for the better as the parties went on from frequent contacts and individual projects to regular agenda and discussion of their cooperation during annual congresses,” the PSU press service informed PenzaNews agency.

The first congress was held in Penza in June 2013, followed by the next one in Flensburg in September 2014.

“As a result of their 2013-2014 work, the cities agreed to expand their mutual programs between the universities, continue implementing the educational projects and courses and take part in European programs,” the university informed.

“The third progress will show the relationships between the cities as parts of Europe and parts of Russia and Germany respectively remains friendly. This will help facilitate the cooperation between the universities in Penza and Flensburg. The third annual congress will feature the workshops on ‘International Cooperation in Educational Area: University and School,’ ‘International Cooperation in Admin and Social Areas,’ ‘International Cooperation in Medicine,’ and ‘The Friendship Society of Penza and Flensburg: a Link of the Cultures,’” the PSU clarified. 

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