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Penza workers’ unions pleaded with acting governor over transportation fare increase

10:09 | 04.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 4 June 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region workers’ unions’ federation sent a public letter to the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev with a request to reduce social tension caused by a significant increase of transportation costs in the Penza public transport on June 1, 2015.

Nikolai Kotov

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“The citizens are indignant over the increase in all types of city transport. The bus tickets grew in price from 17 to 20 rubles (by 17.6%); from 14 to 20 rubles in trolley buses (by 42.9%); from 16 to 22 rubles in marshrutkas (by 37.5%). This is a direct violation of the agreement on civil partnership between the Penza region government, our federation and the employers union of the Penza region signed for 2015-2017,” says the letter signed by its chairman Nikolai Kotov, who also co-chairs the local All-Russia People’s Front headquarters and works as a City Duma deputy.

The document quotes the paragraph 1.5 of the agreement, according to which the tariffs on socially important services, including transportation services, cannot be increased over the relative level of growth of people’s earnings.

“The previous price increase in the Penza region for the buses took place in February 2014. The statistics service says that the Penza region people’s earnings grew only by 13.1% compared to January-April 2014. The change was a great hit for the people’s wallets. Their real earnings dropped by 2.1% over the year. The monthly salary grew only by 6.9%. According to Penzastat, the inflation in the region was 10.88%, and as much as 5.9% since January,” it says.

The text also says the people’s outrage over the growing tickets of dacha buses is justified.

“Even a 2-km ride now costs 30 rubles. People have to abandon their gardens,” it reads.

In the end, Nikolai Kotov as a representative of his organization asked Ivan Belozertsev to conduct a non-biased evaluation of the situation.

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