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Exhibition “Russian money history in coins and notes” opened in Penza

18:59 | 05.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 5 June 2015. PenzaNews. An exhibition titled “Russian money history in coins and notes” from the private collection of a Samara money collection owner Vladislav Studenikin took place at the Penza Ulyanov Museum on Friday, June 5.

Exhibition “Russian money history in coins and notes” opened in Penza

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This is the second city after Tolyatti that saw the private collection that took over 20 years to gather.

“There is perhaps no other exhibition of such kind in Russia. Of course such items can be found in the Feodosia and St. Petersburg money museums, but they do not organize moving exhibitions. It can rival the Feodosian museum in quantity, but here each one has its own stand, and each item has a brief description,” said Vladislav Studenikin.

Each visitor can see how the money changed under the whim of the authorities and recall a short course of history.

“This is not the full exposition, as the hall is not spacious. But we’ve shown the main releases from the Central bank, the Tsar mint and the modern times encompassing all,” he clarified.

According to him, the exhibition also has rare Civil War age money and coins from the Mongol invasion.

“There are money of all tsars and emperors who minted coins, and rare coins made by Russia for other lands and state areas, such as Livonia, Moldova, Romania,” Vladislav Studenikin explained.

The exhibition will stay in Penza until July 27, he said.

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