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Penza officials begin offering recreation areas to businesses free of charge

15:03 | 08.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 8 June 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza officials are offering the local businesses a new cooperation strategy in recreation areas within the city, the head of city administration Yuri Krivov announced during the inspection to the water body by the Zakharyin clinical emergency hospital on Monday, June 8.

Penza officials begin offering recreation areas to businesses free of charge

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“Our attempts to rent these recreation areas to businesses bore no fruit last year. Nobody wants to buy the rental rights, since they see no profit from it. We found a different option: we will be including the individual businessmen and their kiosks in the list of special retail facilities and instruct them to improve the land around,” the city mayor explained.

He added that one of the first businessmen to take interest in the offer was Denis Likhachev, an entrepreneur.

“He is currently undergoing the required red tape, and will be working on land improvement along with his work,” Yuri Krivov added.

The official also reminded that currently no official beach in Penza received the commendation of the sanitary services as a place for public swimming, due to the quality of waters within the city line.

“Of course we need some program for all the water bodies, and improving the city beaches is a colossal issue,” Yuri Krivov explained, addeind that the city budget currently has no funds for it.

In his turn, Denis Likhachev told about the measures he took to improve the land by the Zakharyin hospital recreation area, saying he brought in the sand, mowed the grass and cleaned the well.

The businessman explained he already invested about 30,000 rubles and expects to spend about 80,000 rubles more, which does not include the cost of creating an entertainment playground.

The entrepreneur expressed his determination to be involved in the land improvement process on a long-term basis, but his intentions will depend on the end conditions offered by the Penza city administration.

“The issue will be resolved this week. I’d like to take it [for a free-of-charge lease] at least for 5 years. It takes a lot of money. Ready to do this. The longer the lease, the more I am ready to invest,” Denis Likhachev explained.

“This recreation area will be an example,” the businessman added. According to him, the Arbekovo neighborhood recreation zone will soon be equipped with a free-of-charge WC box, new slides, and an ice cream and drinks stand.

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