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Penza doctor told police head about district police officer’s poor work through blog

10:17 | 09.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 9 June 2015. PenzaNews. Sergei Oleynik, president of AntiAIDS civil society, assistant CMO at the Penza dedicated clinical medical assistance center, told the head of the Penza region Ministry of the Interior department police major general Yuri Ruzlyaev about the inaction of a district police officer on duty.

Penza doctor told police head about district police officer’s poor work through blog

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The medic, who lives in the Penza suburb, told the readers that somebody stole a rooster and eight hens from a pen in his private house’s backyard.

“My wife wrote a report to the police. We were visited by an investigator, who inspected the scene and said a district officer will come to deal with the issue. But I don’t see much to deal with – the pen is covered in feathers. They most likely caught the hens, threw them into a bag and left. At about 7-9 am. The district police officer never came, but we received a reply from the police that said the criminal case will not be open as there was no crime. Like, there was a fox in our pen (or a dog, which, apparently, is a regular happenstance in our area!), and it, like, caught the hens and the rooster in a bag, covered its tracks (there were no feathers outside of the pen) and left on a motorcycle. Looks like a circus fox to me. And the district officer apparently drew such conclusions from questioning the neighbors and my wife. It’s all good, except the officer never questioned my neighbors or my wife,” Sergei Oleynik wrote.

According to him, the district officer committed a criminal act, “and if he ignored a theft of hens today, then tomorrow he’ll hush a theft of a cow, an act of rape, a break-and-enter.”

“As a result of such illegal acts, the people will just stop keeping animals, because thefts become a regular happening with the rise of binge drinking and lumpenization. All the while, the thieves might increase their activities, because the most important thing in crime prevention (I have no idea how they teach the officers though) is not the punishment itself, but the realization that punishment is inevitable. Therefore, the district officer is encouraging petty criminals,” the doctor stressed.

Sergei Oleynik also added that his wife decided to personally ask the district officer “why he says such blatant lies” after reading the reply from the police.

“He said he has some urgent things to do and asked to call quarter and hour later… With an expected outcome,” he concluded.

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