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Citizens ask Yuri Ilyin to inspect “Mogilevsky Dvorik” sidewalk repairs in person

13:36 | 12.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 12 June 2015. PenzaNews. The residents of the apartment building on Glazunova street, 1, who had been witnessing the repairs of the sidewalk by their home for over a month, sent an appeal to the deputy head of Penza city administration Yuri Ilyin to personally inspect and accept the asphalt repairs in the “Mogilevsky Dvorik” that were complete in haste before the celebrations of Russia Day and City Day.

Citizens ask Yuri Ilyin to inspect “Mogilevsky Dvorik” sidewalk repairs in person

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In their joint interview with a PenzaNews agency reporter on Friday, June 12, the local residents expressed their utter indignation over the management of the repairs and their quality that falls even the most lenient of inspections.

According to them, the workers “did not lay the asphalt – they just piled it over”: the sidewalk already began to crumble, even though the repairs were finished less than a day ago.

The repaired section still lacks the curbstones, and only the previously untouched sections still remain in check: as a result, the road surface transitions into soil on the one side creating a risk of a disaster during the next rainy spell, and thinly spread over the rubble on the other side, some small stones still chaotically covering the passage.

“It’s almost impossible to see it’s supposed to be a pedestrian walkway. They’ve just put the asphalt yesterday, and immediately people parked vehicles over it – all because there’re no high curbs from either side. I can’t even say they ‘paved over the money,’ because there was no paving – they just threw it over the ground and evened up,” said one of the indignant local residents.

He added that the people already “got accustomed to the mess by their homes” so much they are ignoring the traffic road full of holes, the abandoned cars and the poorly improved area that got even less pretty after the works.

“Let that young beard [Yuri Ilyin] that shows up on the TV so much come here with the accepting committee and see in person the stuff the lads have done. By the way, we’d also be grateful if he could tell when they are going to repair the road here. Yeah, they say, he ordered the subcontractors to do it all quickly by the end of the week. They did! Thanks a bunch! Come again! Only this time, let the subcontractors do it over – and not for our money we pay to the budget but for their own cost. Maybe they’ll learn they should do stuff well, from the first time and quickly, and not to torture the people,” said the interviewee.


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