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City Day raft race held in Penza

19:11 | 12.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 12 June 2015. PenzaNews. The annual Sura river raft race organized by “Vizit” company and arranged to coincide with City Day celebrations took place in the riverbank zone on Friday, June 12.

City Day raft race held in Penza

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The competition rules were changed this year, said the organizing committee member Alexander Palgov.

“The unusual rafts were moved in their own Category Zero, while those who did not get into the professional race can now compete in Category Five where they can show their worth. Now practically everyone has a chance to test themselves and win great prizes from ‘Vizit’,” he said.

The team can receive the status of a professional group if they successfully pass a check up of the State Inspection of Small Vessels, Alexander Palgov explained.

“One more new rule is that the rafts can now be made using only the packaging,” he added, an noted that the winning team must touch the target river bank with a competitor’s hand or with a section of their flotation device.

The first tryout race took place at the riverbank at 13.00, while the first main race began at 14.00, giving the start to a series of races every next 30 minutes.

The first bout brought “Chasovnya” team ahead, while “Gonix” and “LGB” split the second place, and “Saper” and “Kit” had to both fit on the third.

During the second race, a team called “Fen Pod Shalfeem” took the win, while “Amazonka” and “Serdseyedki” won the silver, while “Devchata,” “U2” and “Delfin” all got the bronze.

The third struggle saw “Varyag” team get to the ground first, followed by “Pipens” and “Pobeda” on the second place, chased by “Pulya,” “Kulibino” and “Kit” who were all placed third.

The fourth race brought “Amazonka” to the first position, followed by “Matreshki” and “Zvezda.”

The winners of the fifth race were “Krutoy Bober,” while “Morskoy Kotik” were the second, and “Veselaya Utka” and “Peski” ended up third.

Overall, the prize fund from “Vizit,” makers of “Nadezhda” bottled mineral water, reached 134,000 rubles, and the winners of the first places got 10,000 each.

While the raft races went on, the company set up an okroshka mixing point, where every visitor could get a charity meal prepared using the “Dva Kuznetsa” brand kvass for just 10 rubles. The gathered funds were directed for buying cloth for the project “Made by Mom” organized by “Pokrov” charity foundation – a children’s clothing sewing workshop that employs women in difficult life situation.

The Sura river bank festivities were even more boosted by the performances: the audience could enjoy the music by Vasily Urievsky and “Comic jazz BABEL,” “Brevis Brass Band,” “James Bond,” and music bands from Penza.

Moreover, the location was dotted with board game tables holding tournaments in checkers, lotto and dominoes.

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