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First issue of “Citizen Penza” independent newspaper published

09:59 | 18.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 18 June 2015. PenzaNews. The first issue of the weekly independent paper “Citizen Penza” has been published on Wednesday, June 17. The newspaper aims to be distributed in the city buses for free.

First issue of “Citizen Penza” independent newspaper published

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Its director and editor-in-chief is Nataliya Ilyina, former editor of “Express” who left the media holding on May 5, 2015, due to financial issues and the conflict between a group of employees with the management.

According to her, the newspaper is dedicated to the most important events in the city, its residents and their issues.

“I believe that ‘Citizen Penza’ will become a platform for an open and sincere dialogue between the people and the authorities. Penza has seen no such projects before. A person can not only read the newspaper but take it with themselves and give away to their friends or relatives,” Nataliya Ilyina commented for PenzaNews agency.

She also added that the first issue was accompanied with the beginning of a special project titled “In the Crosshairs.”

“It is dedicated to an unbiased investigation of the actions of the Penza City Duma deputies: nothing beautified, nothing personal. Our reporters will create a portrait of every elected official using information from official sources, information in public domain, and citizens’ opinions,” the speaker elaborated.

Nataliya Ilyina added that the Penza citizens can already find the newspaper in buses and administrative areas of the city, and the editorial staff considers distributing it at places of public gathering in the future.

“‘Citizen Penza’ is an independent media. We are only influenced by the residents, by our readers,” the editor-in-chief stressed.

The newspaper will be an interactive information source, she explained.

“We have already registered accounts for ‘Citizen Penza’ in all popular social networks. You can contact our editorial office not only by calling +7 (8412) 25-85-90 or our e-mail, but also through Viber and WhatsApp,” the speaker said.

Speaking of her previous place of work, Nataliya Ilyina explained she currently cannot comment on the situation in “Express” holding: however, according to her, the media holding management continues “supplanting the professionals.”

“It is sad to see this ‘Titanic’ sink over the span of mere months,” she said.

Also, Nataliya Ilyina pointed out that currently “most programs are reruns.”

“I see this because I’ve worked for ‘Express’ for many years. […] Sadly, ‘Express’ will not see its ratings grow under the current top management policy,” she remarked.

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