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Some 800 Penza region debtors banned from going abroad starting early June

09:33 | 24.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 June 2015. PenzaNews. 782 Penza region residents were banned from leaving Russia in early June 2015 due to their debts.

“The Penza courts wrote 4,994 instructions to temporarily ban abroad leaves for the residents over 6 months,” Yana Zagrebelnaya, official representative of the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs of the Penza region, told PenzaNews agency

Among them are 1,600 people who did not pay their alimony, she added.

“918 people will not be able to go abroad due to their unpaid loans, 61 – because of debts to petrol companies, and 122 did not pay their bills in time,” the speaker added.

The foreign leave ban is an excellent measure to fight those who do not pay debts, Yana Zagrebelnaya pointed out.

“Thanks to it, the court bailiffs of the Penza region have already made the debtors pay over 1.3 million rubles,” said the speaker. 

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