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Zarechny residents warned over swimming ponds water quality issues

08:15 | 26.06.2015 | Society


Zarechny, 26 June 2015. PenzaNews. The city of Zarechny located in the Penza region has introduced a series of swimming limitations in water ponds located in “Solnechnaya” and “Lesnaya” recreation zones due to issues with water quality caused by a multitude of factors, such as excessively high temperature and low water level caused by dry winter.

Zarechny residents warned over swimming ponds water quality issues

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Several water sample tests identified dangerous levels of bacteria content in water. The identified thermotolerant coliform bacteria are not dangerous on their own, but serve as an indicator of water contamination. However, neither pond appears to have any parasites or infectious organisms.

The authorities decided to refrain from introducing a full-scale swimming ban.

Instead, the citizens will be informed of the situation through mass media and leaflets they can receive on arrival at one of the beaches, while the decision to swim or refrain from doing so will be left to their own opinion.

On the upcoming week, a group of Zarechny professionals plan to visit Saratov to learn more of their water decontamination technologies. One of such complexes allows to decontaminate water manually using a set of dedicated devices, while another is used to destroy algae and water grass and hinder its growth.

Moreover, the city municipality has prepared a list of instructions that may be used as early as this year to form a full-scale decontamination project for the ponds in “Solnechnaya” zone through federal financial support, says the public relations department of Zarechny.

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